Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Joe vs. Ken, Episode 20: The Late Halloween 

Episode 20 - "The Late Halloween" is now LIVE at www.joevsken.com

Okay, so maybe the title doesn't have the same "pop" as the Loeb/Sale book.

We recorded this one on October 31st but then Joe went on vacation and we had to wait a week before he got back and posted it.

There was an early screening of Quantum of Solace but the plan fell apart and one half of our dynamic duo was left out. (MYSTERY!)

Some Kevin Smith talk and Joe gets all stupid introspective about Clerks II. (INTRIGUE!). And with the release of W., Ken breaks down some Oliver Stone. (THRILLS!)

Coming Wednesday: The guys are gonna break down Fallout 3, talk some audio trailer contest and an upcoming team up with the Married Gamers.

New episodes every Saturday and Wednesday!

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