Monday, September 22, 2008

Dear nerds, 

The purchase and support of the following products does not make you hip, or cool:

1) iPhones/iPods/Anything Apple

2) Red Bull

3) Wii's

4) Threadless shirts

5) Starbucks

6) Liquor, esp. scotch or whisky

Further, aggressive advocacy and a smug belief in your superior choices in the following is equally ludicrous:

1) Music

2) Movies

3) Television shows

4) Authors

Note that it is perfectly fine to sincerely enjoy these things, but trumpeting your predictable matrix of consumer product choices does not make you a rebel. It merely marks you as someone who can be convinced that purcashing consumer goods or partaking in mass-produced entertainment is some kind of exercise in individuality. Please be advised that you are being played even harder than the people around you. You know, the "squares."


(With an assist from Birdie and Lartigue Feel free to add your own in comments.)

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