Thursday, July 17, 2008

You know all those jobs immigrants are stealing? 

Those much-loved jobs, stolen from good, hard-working (and blue-eyed) Americans go something like this:

The Rev. Catherine Quehl-Engel, the Episcopal priest who brought the plight of the relief workers into the public eye, participated in the press conference. Quehl-Engel is chaplain at United Methodist related-Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, where the immigrants were first housed. In an article in the Cedar Rapids Gazette, she had reported incidents of workers traveling on a bus for 14 hours without food, tetanus shots, bedding or towels for showering.

In the press conference, she described the workers as “the calloused hands of Christ” during Iowa’s time of need.

The workers received $15 a day for food and expenses and less than minimum wage compensation, according to Quehl-Engel, who also participated in the July 10 press conference. She said workers toiled in "toxic environments" 14-hour days, seven days a week, and had to pay back a temporary employment agency $49 a week for the school bus gas needed to get to the worst flooded areas in Iowa.
Got to love that Heartland. While New Orleans people were whining, our beloved blue-collar workers were pulling themselves up by their bootstraps! Or, rather, hiring immigrants to pull up their bootstraps for just a shade over $50 a week.

It's good to see this got media coverage, though. I mean who doesn't read the Cedar Rapids Gazette?

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