Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The stupidest thing I have read in quite some time. 

(And that is really saying something.)

Michael Medved, world-class douchebagel:

In today’s ruthlessly competitive international economy, the United States may benefit from a potent but unheralded advantage: the aggressive edge sustained by the inherited power of American DNA.

Nevertheless, two respected professors of psychiatry have recently come out with challenging books that contend that those who chose to settle this country in every generation possessed crucial common traits that they passed on to their descendents.

Hey, Medved: Psychiatrists =/= Geneticists.

And yes. He is saying we have a genetic legacy for greatness, which is not at all similar to a belief in Aryan superiority.

In “American Mania,” Peter C. Whybrow of U.C.L.A. argues that even in grim epochs of starvation and persecution, only a small minority ever chooses to abandon its native land and to venture across forbidding oceans to pursue the elusive dream of a better life. The tiny percentage making that choice (perhaps only 2%, even in most periods of mass immigration) represents the very essence of a self-selecting group. Compared to the Irish or Germans or Italians or Chinese or Mexicans who remained behind in the “Old Country,” the newcomers to America would naturally display a propensity for risk-taking, for restlessness, for exuberance and self-confidence –traits readily passed down to subsequent generations.
And in case you forgot this was being posted on Town Hall, let's slide in some conservative values in a discussion of freaking genetics:

The United States also benefited from our tradition of limited government, with
only intermittent and ineffective efforts to suppress the competitive, entrepreneurial instincts of the populace. Professor Whybrow says: “Here you have the genes and the completely unrestricted marketplace. That’s what gives us our peculiar edge.” In other words, “anything goes capitalism” reflects and sustains the influence of immigrant genetics.
Later, Medved slips in something about how Obama and Clinton want to enlarge the government. Because if there's any single policy reflective of the past 8 years in D.C., it's been "less government."


My favorite, absolute favorite quote:

Aside from the varied immigrants who now make up nearly 15% of the population, the forebears of today’s Americans journeyed to this continent from Asia, Africa, Latin America and every nation of Europe.
Yes: Except for the immigrants, America is made up entirely of immigrants. I wonder which group he might be singling out with his statistic?

Hat tip to Dave for finding this. The poor bastard.

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