Saturday, May 17, 2008

Comics: Welcome to Tranquility vol. 2 

Enough with the zombies.

Yeah, zombies. You know, the horror movie staple that now graces the cover of at least one comic every damn week. The gimmick Marvel Comics got ahold of and—in true Marvel fashion—figured that if it works one time, it should work a hundred more times over the course of several years. (This mentality should suit them well in Hollywood.) Even the “joke” of it became questionable with repetition; exactly why do audiences want to see their favorite superheroes disemboweled and rotting over and over and over again? The zombies are good for one meta-joke, though: blatant symbols of a trend that simply will not die, no matter what good-meaning people do to put ‘em six feet under. This crap just keeps on coming.

And this from a guy who adores zombie movies.


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