Saturday, December 08, 2007

Atomic Robo #3, Northlanders #1 

Atomic Robo #3:

Atomic Robo #3 follows the titular Atomic Robot (named Robo, a’course) and his team of weirdness investigators as they try to stop a pyramid that’s come to life and is rolling toward Luxor. The Egyptian government, naturally, does not want a natural treasure destroyed, so the team has to figure out a way to stop the pyramid’s five-millenia-old mechanisms without ruining the damn thing. But it must not reach Luxor.

Are we all on the same page, then? Okay, good.


Northlanders #1:

Northlanders is like a rendition of Hamlet that traded in all its estrogen for machismo. There’s a lot of macho posturing, a lot of challenges to manhood, and a hell of a lot of blood and guts. Fitting, then, that it’s a Viking story set in 980 A.D. In the end-issue letter, writer Brian Wood says he’s been a fan of vikings since he was a kid, and in preparation for this title wanted to do them right. Copious research and traveling ensued, and what we have now is apparently the result of some rigorous research. I’ll take his word for it. Just say the word “viking” and the images it invokes will be preparation enough.


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