Wednesday, November 07, 2007


As you probably know, the Writers Guild of America is striking. I won't go into explaining why -- if you're here you probably have a good idea, and if not, John Rogers' explanation is superior simply due to the fact he's an actual member. It's pretty hard news to avoid, really; even Gabe and Tycho are talking about it.

For a slightly different perspective on what's fueling the fire of the strike, check out mega-successful producer Marshall Herskovitz's reasons for leaving the TV arena in favor of the internet. I had no idea any of that "finsyn" stuff went on in 1995; between that and the radio deregulation of 1996, the FCC really fucked the creative community in the ass ten ways from Sunday. Bill Clinton, I'm disappointed you let this shit happen. Majorly so.

On that note, I close with this video, featuring the cast/crew of The Office on strike. It's quite a lovely little... "promo."

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