Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fearless #1, Y the Last Man #59 

Fearless #1:

Now, here’s a comic that seems to have nailed a good formula for investigating the root appeal of the superhero comic, or at least its “empowerment” aspect. Rich heir Adam Rygert is positively crippled by anxiety in his normal life, but thank god “normal life” isn’t all he’s confined to. Through the requisite connection to a reclusive genius, Adam dons the full-body suit of his alter ego Fear. The suit, appropriately enough, pumps his system with a gas that makes him fearless. Hiding his identity, removing himself from consequence, is what gives Adam his bravery.


Y the Last Man #59:

We’ve got one issue to go in Y the Last Man, one of DC Vertigo’s few long-lasting series in the post-Transmetropolitan and Preacher era. But the way long-form comic stories are told (six-issue arcs in these latter days, designed to set up and conclude smaller stories while progressing the meta-narrative), we are actually deep into epilogue territory. The main thrust of the story – the central question of “why?” at the heart of the man-killing plague mystery – is over and done with. We have our MacGuffin closure. These final issues are about wrapping up the characters. This is at least as important as the “actual” conclusion. In an ideal serial storytelling scenario, the story hook lures us in, and the characters keep us coming back.

Here there be spoilers:


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