Friday, November 30, 2007

Blade Runner: The Final Release 

When figuring out how to approach this review, I was reminded of the Penny Arcade comic strip about the perils of reviewing classic video games. “Here’s your review,” says Tycho, speaking about a hypothetical critique of Pac Man. “It is ****ing Pac Man!” So it goes for Blade Runner: its methods and language are so entrenched in the modern movie vernacular that it is simply impossible to review the film in its original context, sans baggage. Either you’ve seen it and you know how you feel about it, or you haven’t and you don’t. To both parties I say: see this re-release. Even if you don’t like the movie one bit, its status as a massively influential classic is absolutely unquestionable. If you care about movies at all, you will take this chance to see it on the silver screen. It really is that simple.


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