Saturday, October 06, 2007

Some random Saturday night things. 

1) Goddammit, I love college football. The NFL doesn't hold a candle. Today, the people who needed to lose lost (except for goddamn stupid Auburn DAMMIT) and all was well in the world. Texas getting beaten by OU? No surprise. It's axiomatic that UT is never as good as their fans or the rankings claim them to be, even in the (rare) years they actually are decent.

Nebraska getting spanked by Missouri? Fantastic.

USC losing to goddamn Stanford? Double-plus-good! I think you and me and ten other guys could beat Stanford most days. Those Cali teams need regular humblings. (Sorry, Tom.)

Wisconsin also losing to a unranked team, which I marginally approve of. I can only manage marginal approval because no one has ever been able to convince me that anything happening in or to the state of Wisconsin has ever been worth my consideration. Are they a state yet?

LSU vs. Florida: What a glorious game that was. I'm glad Florida lost this because if they'd beaten #1 LSU, using complicated rivalry algorithims, that would mean Auburn (who beat Florida last week) is actually very, very good. We can't have that.

Alabama vs. Houston: Okay, we needed an easy victory to get us back to 4-2 and allow John Parker Wilson to complete some passes. Looks like Houston made a game of it near the end, not that I'd know... as the only two states that could not get the PPV showing are Alabama and Texas. Go figure.

2) Thanks to Christopher Bird, I have found a blog called Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad. If that title doesn't make you laugh, you're probably not going to like it. Just for reference, it cracks my ass up every time I read it.

It's four people who write in that acerbic/highly literate/astoundingly profane critical style that I admire and aspire to, ripping ten kinds of shit out of web comics that dearly deserve it (though I admit to enjoying VG Cats). I've spent most of the day watching the foo'ball and reading through that site's archives, along with that of its sister site, Me and You and Mary-Sue. This is an exceptionally good way to spend a lazy Saturday.

3) Nothing, there is no blah blah blah

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