Wednesday, October 31, 2007

My sole contribution to the Zuda discussion. 

So, DC officially makes their foray into web comics. It's kind of a pitiful foray, but shit, it's not like Marvel is even bothering with it.

Anyway, my commentary, as expressed in an AIM conversation with Matt:

Matt: There's two good Zuda entries and the rest are...webcomics.
Me: i haven't bothered to check yet. see how out of touch i am?
Matt: Just went live today.
Matt: You can still ride the wave of snark.
Me: That is an awesome way to make sure I don't read anyone's commentary on it.
Matt: hahaha
Me: fuck snark. i want a little substance. the curmudgeons did that a bit ago, which was nice.
Me: bunch of lawyers grilling zuda spokestypes at a con.
Me: and you got a real sense that DC 1) has no idea what they're doing, 2) actually doesn't have much of an investment in it succeeding, or 3) both.
Matt: Yeah, someone pointed out how it's all non-webcomics people doing Zuda material.
Matt: So it's like a DC farm league or something.
Me: and I've seen some web comics people state, quite rightly, that they've been getting along just fine WITHOUT signing all their shit over to Time Warner, thanks.
Me: i guess DC doing Zuda is kind of like your dad learning the macarena.
Matt: hahaha
Me: there, that's my snark contribution.

And we are all better for it.

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