Monday, September 17, 2007

Across the Universe 

This movie hit limited release (and a screening at the Toronto International Film Festival) while I was out of town, and thus I was unable to cross-post the review here in a timely fashion. I hope no one made the rash decision of seeing it first...


Understand that I’m only half as interested in Across the Universe as I am in the critical reactions that will appear on opening day. I’m speaking specifically of critics who would be the same age as the characters if those characters were real and alive. Will these lions of critical thinking be suckered in by such rampant nostalgia? Like so much of the pop culture blowback from the 1960s, Across the Universe is a Rorschach test upon which an entire generation’s reaction can be interpreted. It’s unfortunate that the movie in question is ultimately as shallow as it is, but even this can be useful.


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