Monday, June 11, 2007

Self promotion ahoy! 

The Black Diamond, Larry Young's series based on the really excellent concept of a "road culture" on a highway built above the America of the Future, hits stores with its first issue this week.

Issue 2, which should hit stands on June 27th, will contain a backup story written by yours truly -- called "That Old Time Religion," with art duties by Ben and Marlena Hall, two truly talented people. This will be my first published comic work.

So, in short: Buy it.

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Ocean's Thirteen 

In a summer of part-three’s, Ocean’s Thirteen is the best. It’s lean, leaner even than Ocean’s Eleven, and it knows exactly what it’s doing. Most importantly, it also knows how to get where it’s going; in a season marked by glut and rambling one-damn-thing-after-another plots, Ocean’s Thirteen is admirable in its single mindedness. It’s a far cry from greatness, but there’s a certain species of brisk entertainment to be found here. One might even find it refreshing.


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