Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Factory Girl, Four Eyed Monsters 

Factory Girl:

If you’re wondering what the phrase “famous for being famous” means, Edie Sedgwick is the definition. She’s a beautiful and charismastic art student from California, but we never see more than fleeting glimpses of her work, even as she works among the most famous artists of her time. It’s her attitude and charisma that rockets her to the top. That’s because in Andy Warhol’s crowd, posture and artifice – the creation and maintenance of the “scene” – are more important than the art itself. But that’s one man’s opinion.


Four Eyed Monsters:

Arin, the shy videographer, describes his idea of the four eyed monster. “They have four eyes, they have two mouths, they have eight limbs that wrap around themselves in narcissistic self-adoration. It’s disgusting. And I can’t help but envy them.” He tells us this to a montage of happy couples in love, so we get the idea. He’s an outsider looking in, and can’t help but see a couple as a single unit, both fascinating and repellant. And he wants to be a part of one.


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