Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fables #51, A Man Called Kev #1 

Fables #51:

"Cinderella as black ops specialist,” while a hard sell, is at least something you haven’t seen before. The exercise is lightweight but oddly intriguing, which may as well be the summary for the entire run of Fables.


A Man Called Kev #1:

There’s just something about Kev.

Kevin Hawkins, that is. He’s a career S.A.S. man, a successful and still-living veteran of one of the toughest special forces units in the world. And yet he’s a loser, in the Garth Ennis meaning of the word; bad things just keep happening to the poor guy. He makes some bad decisions, but so do we all. The suffering inflicted on Kev for his bad decisions, however, are downright operatic. And hilarious.


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