Wednesday, April 26, 2006

MLM: A Nightmare on Elm Street 

Depending on who you ask, slasher films are either the best or worst thing to happen to horror films. Even while more “traditional” horror films fall by the wayside, a steady stream of low-budget slashers featuring WB Stars in Peril comes out yearly. The output is so steady that most folks, when pressed, can’t think of any other kind of horror movie they’ve seen.

It’s too bad, really. A subdivision of the genre kicked off by one of the greatest films of all time – Psycho – is now an ad-libbers game. At (remote location), some (age adjective) (demographic) are dying off one by one as a (synonym for scary), (synonym for relentless) (gender pronoun) hunts them with (matching gender pronoun possessive) (gimmick weapon). And that’s it. Snag $15 million from Lions Gate for the budget, hire some teenage girls from the TV, and off you go.


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