Thursday, March 02, 2006

Too good to pass up. 

Just a quick aside here:

This makes for some entertaining downtime reading. You can find context here, but the Brian Woodness stands on its own. The only context necessary there is knowing who the guy is.

this is the sort of petty online crap that i used to love to get wrapped up in before i started acting serious about my career - and two years later i'm still working to correct the public's perception of what kind of a guy i am.

my advice, Vito, is to shut up now, ignore people who want to start shit with you, and move forward. don't rise to the bait, don't worry about correcting other people's assumptions about you. we're all on blogs, and blogs really don't matter much in the grand scheme of things, and you can let it go.


Thanks, "Bri."

There are... let's see... yeah, one word in every three that amuse, amaze, or infuriate me. That's a hell of a ratio, really. Props for that.

There's so much casual backhanded contempt for comics blogging present, which is a little confounding to me. Back in the day, we were pretty good to the guy. Remember this? I do, and I should; I was one of the people responsible for it. I don't know. I guess we haven't kissed his ass enough since then, and now it's coming back to haunt us all in some guy's LJ comments area.

As to "correcting the public's perception" of him, there's only one person to blame for that, m'boy: Yourself. No one made you engage critics in such a flamboyantly adolescent way but you. Any halfway competent professional will tell you to never argue with your critics, that the proper response is to thank the person for their time and move along.

But you made a pretty good run at arguing like crazy with a bunch of people who "didn't get it." It made for good unintentional comedy. It couldn't last; as you so candidly note right up front, that sort of behavior is the mark of a complete fucking amateur.

But the obvious, unsolicited venom cited above is a clear sign you have matured and grown past your antics of old. Please continue to fight the good fight of blog discrediting; your LJ peeps are so much more sophisticated, and we should be reminded of this as often as possible.

In short, I'm so glad to see how much you've grown.

By the way: Good luck on the new book. I haven't picked it up, but I'm gonna go ahead and say it's probably about a punky teenage girl defying the Man after an early life in complicit servitude to Him. I'm also betting there might be a scene or two with the girl in her underwear, because that's "real."

Golly, doesn't that sound familiar?

(But I'm sure that shit kills with the kids who've just discovered Bukowski and the Sex Pistols.)

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