Thursday, January 05, 2006

Partying like it's 2006. 

Cuz it is.

Because I believe firmly in the blogger school of thought that no good idea should not be plagarized openly, I have read a vastly entertaining list of new year's resolutions that I must now rip off.

1) Write a script page a day. At the very least.

2) Not so much with the bomb threats. It's not that funny, and I'm pretty sure the NSA's red-flagged me.

3) Find new bands to listen to.

4) I've already stopped buying comics with "Batman" in the title. Now if I can only do the same for Witchblade.

(That's a joke. Fuck you.)

5) I've gotten a passport. Use the fuck out of it.

6) SDCC... you and me, we're going ten rounds.

7) Blog more. I mean, I don't have a lot to say, but when has that ever stopped anyone? It's practically a pre-fucking-requisite.

8) Stop masturbating to EISNER/MILLER. Seriously. It's starting to interfere with my social life.

9) Defeat Tom Spurgeon in mortal combat.

10) Read more of them funny Japanese comics what read right to left.

11) Write a kickass zombie story without being Steve fucking Niles. It can be done.

12) Piss in public more.

13) Vacuum.

14) Stop buying Marvel books not written by Garth Ennis or Daniel Way or, I guess, Dan Slott. Really, there's just nothing going on there.

15) Read everything Will Eisner's done, except for the Army stuff... but maybe that, too.

16) Cut out and burn any newspaper or magazine article that has a pun for its headline. If the pun-titled article is a review, cut out and burn the reviewer.

17) Stop killing blondes. They're not all whores.

18) Talk more like Rorschach.

19) Go see a Reverend Horton Heat show.

20) Go absolutely fucking broke buying original comic art. It's worth it. Also, I'm a dork and should stop denying it.

21) Make more "your mom" jokes. Those never go out of style.

22) ...like your mom. OH!

23) Master chef. Oh yes.

24) Play hockey again. It's been far too long.

25) Get a hummer from a tranny.

26) Nonfic submissions.

27) New Orleans... it's been too long, my love.

28) Better about returning calls. Better about returning e-mails. Generally staying the fuck connected.

29) Actually find sci-fi and fantasy prose fiction I like.

30) Sweatpants. Why don't I own any sweatpants?

31) Actually get some grasp of noir novels and films. Fiore, I choose you!

32) Infect and overtake Dark, But Shining. Because why not?

33) Live more, laugh more, don't be so afraid... and stop watching trailers for Queen Latifah movies. Jesus.

And that's it, really. More as inspiration strikes.

I'm glad to have shared this with you. I feel.. closer, somehow.

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