Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Worth a read. 

The Daily Burn:

I settled on the title "Badass Heroes: Black Men in Superhero Comics." Basically, my thesis was that black superheroes represent a safe harbor to fans and creators for ultraviolence and hypersexuality. In other words, you can't have Spider-Man or Superman assfuck a retired superheroine because they need to remain the moral beacons they've always been. Apparently, however, there is a demand among fandon for retired-heroine-assfucking, so someone needs to do it. Since Luke Cage is black, and is therefore already regarded as being ultraviolent and hypersexual, no problem. Just another day at work for the HERO FOR HIRE!

Give it a look-through. Still processing, no room to comment myself. I like it when a writer's building argument leads my mind in a particular direction... and he reaches that direction in his text just as I do in my head. I refer to the part regarding American History X.

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