Saturday, April 23, 2005

And so it begins. 

Here I sit, in Lone Star comics. The clock has been running for 4 minutes, and so far I have accomplished:

1) A name. (Ringwood Comics Presents: Variety Hour)

2) A general idea of where to go.

3) A HotSpot connection.

4) A very large bottle of water.

5) I am also sitting next to a guy I haven't seen in 7 years. I used to work at Hollywood Video back when I was a precocious teenager, and so did this guy. It turns out no one at our little table can draw... at all. And that's a relief.

I'll be cheating. I'll only be typing a script, and maybe storyboarding some stuff out if it helps me visually. So there's that.

Come on by if you're in the Dallas area, I'll be here till probably noon tomorrow, and the store stays open the whole time. Huzzah, eh?

We'll be here. Me, my buddy Joe, and my long-lost buddy Brev will be sitting in the corner near the D&D stuff. I'm pretty sure the balloons tied our table won't survive the night.

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