Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Sick thoughts. 

1) You know how in some movies there's that scene where the two leads are trying to do something in a confined, concealed space -- say, put on a tight jacket in a bathroom stall -- and it results in dialogue that sounds like innuendo? "It's too tight, I'm not fitting!" "You're just too big!" Accompanied by grunts, and so on. And there's a random civilian in the bathroom who acts shocked and appalled by the proceedings? Cuz they think the two leads are having sex.

Has anyone ever found that funny?

2) I'm really sick. Really fucking sick. Have you ever projectile vomited water that'd been rolling around your stomach for 2 hours? No? The experience is strangely hydrating. It was pure water, too, totally unprocessed and undigested. And that shit got out of there in a hurry, okay? Like it had a fever, and the only prescription was fucking vomit.

So for the first time in like a year, I'm hoping Pepto can keep some OJ down.

So... yeah. I'm sick.

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