Wednesday, March 23, 2005

DC: Who Needs Coy? 

So I'm reading Batman: Gotham Knights and I come across that ad for the DC non-event, DC Countdown. You know the one, Batman's holding some dude and everyone else looks on meaningfully, it's all very romantic and yaoi, etc... I briefly glance down the ad blurbs along the lefthand side, and flip the page.

And flip back.

Here's a curious way to pitch the urgency of your series: "An 80-page Spectacular you can't afford to miss!"

I understand that a lot of advertising works on the principle of telling people how they can remain current. I don't know if many ads have the balls to come right out and say "YOU WILL BE LEFT OUT FOREVER IF YOU DO NOT PURCHASE THIS PRODUCT." It's not that we want the product, it's that we have no choice but to purchase it if we want to stay involved.

They should just call it DC: Extortion.


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