Friday, February 04, 2005

One inmate's opinion. 

As you may or may not remember, a little while ago I gave away some copies of the Hard Time TPB to whoever sent me in some funny prison and shiv names. Herein lies the opinion of one such winner, Nathan "Fartlips" Atkinson:

Thanks for the "Hard Time" trade... I just read it the other day (busy grad student/new dog/holiday/life-style shit) and really enjoyed it.

Smart writing and great art both made it easy to get into. The characters show bits of humanity without seeming too weak for the stir... that is Gerber manages to make their fears and insecurities seem real despite their poker faces. Better yet he never resorts to goofy interior monologues. The lead's lack of overt self-pity was a nice touch, though his "smart mouth" seemed too smart for a first week or so. I
don't care how disaffected the boy is, being in maximum security prison would scare the words right out of anybody. But that's my biggest gripe.

Loved the art. Hurt's work has a sort of Charles Burns meets Gilbert hernandez vibe but comes off fresh and original. He can draft like a mother fucker and the characters look too human for their own good. Couldn't have picked a better artist for the job.

So thanks a lot for sending the thing my way, and I'll pass it along to a deserving party.

Soooooo... reading it yet?

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