Wednesday, November 10, 2004

I am rich with prizes. 

So, today, the first She-Hulk trade came out. As did a special hardcover of The Pro.

So here's what I'm going to do. I have my old softcover of The Pro that I don't need anymore, along with three (3, tres) copies of the She-Hulk TPB. I have four envelopes. I will send them out on Saturday.

Would you like one to come to you?

Drop me a line at crimson at lethal death dot com, and title the e-mail (all caps) SHE-RINGWOOD. If you want She-Hulk, simply give me one (funny) reason John Byrne sucks. If you want The Pro, send me one (funny) reason prostitution should be legalized.

This is all completely free, by the way. Ain't that wonderful?

Also, while you're at your shop: pick up Dead@17: Revolution. Not caught up on D@17? Well, by god, they have digest-sized TPBs out for the first two series. Get them.

(It should go without saying that I want to give these books to PEOPLE WHO HAVE NOT READ THEM YET. Comics bloggers are not ineligible, but if you win, you better talk about the damn book on your blog.)

That is all.


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