Monday, October 11, 2004

The more they stay the same. 

So I pretty much cut myself of comics news and blogging for a couple weeks. Some stuff came up, and my motivation to deal with it was totally lost. I return today to find out some interesting tidbits that are quite refreshing.

Apparently, Joe Quesada spun a web of bullshit about his career as Marvel's EiC. I was shocked, shocked I say, to find out that he'd done such a thing. It's a good thing we have our packs of trained attack hounds to leap on the man every chance we get. What everyone is doing certainly does not overstep the bounds from watchdogging to violating a dead horse with savage glee in every stroke.

Hal Jordan is still returning. Can we please go ahead and RELEASE THAT FUCKING ISSUE SO WE CAN STOP TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW?! Holy fucking god, has there ever been such a non-issue in the history of the world? It's pathetic, it's sad, we all know it, WE'RE MOVING ON NOW.

Shane has a Walking Dead contest going on, which is pretty cool. (Not sarcasm.)

Apparently some actor died, I think it was Gene Hackman or something. Man, wasn't he great in Behind Enemy Lines?

Apparently Identity Crisis still sucks and is morally reprehensible. If I'm not reminded of this on a weekly basis, I may forget. So keep up the good work!

Unrelated: From what I understand, Angelina Jolie is in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow for about 5 minutes. I'm pretty sure this is punishable in a court of law.

Johnny Bacardi is not a murderer. I guess I should be glad to hear that. And yet...

A lot of people on comics message boards are totally bugfuck insane. Film at 11.

Dorian continues to post fresh material. God bless that little man. (Note: I have no idea how tall Dorian is.)

In case I have not made my point perfectly clear.


(That goes for me, too.)

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