Monday, October 25, 2004

Am upset. 

Once you stop reading blogs for a few days, for whatever reason, it's really easy to stay that way.

A lot of the reason behind that is pretty obvious: there's way too fucking many of them. I don't think anyone can argue with that.

Here's another problem: we've allowed ourselves to become secondhand sources of Newsarama blurbs. That's... that's pitiful, is what that is. We don't report our own news. We let Newsarama and CBR and whoever else process the press releases, or score the fabulous columns (which is all CBR is good for), and then talk about what they talk about.

Which is fine. There's a place for forum discussion, and message boards sure as shit aren't the place anything constructive can be done. But is that all we should be?

What we have now are eleventy million blogs that refilter press releases and release schedules through each blogger's particular personalities. And if a blogger has a particularly strong personality, or a good niche unserved elsewhere, that can be okay.

But is that all we should be? Exactly how many lifestyle columnists are necessary?

Now, far be it from me to suggest alternatives to this self-fulfilling cycle of worthlessness and parasitism. We have here an excellent opportunity to break out of the loop and make forward progress, but mostly we want to perpetuate the same shitty circumstances in comics that we came into (or say we came into, or heard that other people came into.) The status quo, when questioned, is viciously reinforced by Voids that Eat Fun (tm a blogger who probably doesn't want to be named.)


There are a few bloggers out there who offer consistently fresh material, consistently interesting insights, or fulfill their niche unlike anyone else. But we don't have enough of them.

And maybe it's silly of me to expect everyone to rise to excellence, but I'd like everyone to at least give it a shot, you know? Maybe resist the temptation to tell us what you're buying this week. I don't really care. What I care about is WHAT YOU THOUGHT ABOUT THOSE COMICS. Positive (or negative) buzz is something bloggers specialize in, and can be a pretty powerful tool.

If you like, I can start naming names.

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