Monday, September 27, 2004

Still alive. 

Been on hiatus for various reasons, most of them not very interesting. So, here we go.

1) We need to stop worrying about what a geeky subculture we have. The conventions and the cosplay and all that -- it's really not that big a deal. This weekend, driving to and from Missouri (and taking a detour into Arkansas), I saw a few things.

For one, I saw Civil War re-enactors.

For two, I saw an RV Hall of Fame. Yeah, RV as in Recreational Vehicle.

For three, sitting in my brother's bar, I saw the NTN trivia thing going on on a few TVs, and it flashed pictures of trivia "teams" across the country who played weekly or, in some cases, nightly.

For four, I went to the Alabama/Arkansas football game. Waited around afterward with my brother so we could meet Bama's players and coach, Mike Shula. And boy howdy, we weren't the only ones there. Tons of people standing around for 45 minutes to an hour after spending the past 3 boiling in the sun, so they could glimpse a college football coach for 35 seconds.

Simple point of fact is that everyone has their obsession. Everyone takes ONE thing too far. If I were Warren Ellis, I'd say something like "Everyone wants to be part of a tribe" to describe how humans do everything they can to define themselves by a hobby or obsession or choice of constant entertainment.

We have nothing to be ashamed of.

2) Do we have any good mainstream writers? Writers that can appeal to a larger audience that isn't already into comic books? I appreciate the genius of wunderkind Grant Morrison, but would New X-Men have any kind of resonance for someone who didn't slog through the Claremont years already? Seaguy was hard enough to follow for people who'd been reading comics for decades, so you can forget about anyone outside of comics getting into it.

Planetary is the same way. I could go on with a list of titles, but I'm lazy. But we seem to be obsesed with giving the most credibility to titles that are essentially insular, closed-circuit works; if you're a fan, they're great, if not, it won't mean half as much to you.

And how fucking useful is that? Self-referential commentaries are the best we can offer? That can't be right.

3) I'm a proud uncle, and it's about time I subjected you to evidence of that. Hey, this is a blog. It was only a matter of time before I posted pictures of my relatives or cats or something.

My sister's boys, John (big one) and Will (little one). Will's about two weeks old. He redefines tiny.

That's my brother and Sonny, proud parents of (left) Patton and (right) Riley. They're twins. The funny thing is is that Patton is usually the calm one, but here it looks like he just got done devouring an entire Smurf village.

They're the cutest kids in the whole fucking universe, and that has nothing to do with the fact they're related to me by blood.

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