Saturday, September 18, 2004

A bargain at any price. 

So as you may have noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. That's because for the past two weeks I've been house sitting, and the only computer there is a pre-Flood monstrosity running on a perky 24k dial-up connection. Such a sad life.

It's my mom's house I was house sitting, actually. I spent some time cleaning up my old room, basically tossing out the junk, and I opened up a trunk that hadn't been cracked open in at least 10 years. I found a ton of shit in there -- baseball cards, a Roger Staubach autograph, poker chips, some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff, and then...

Records. Comic book records. Little 7" LPs of various characters engaging in no-doubt breathtaking adventures against the lamest villains in the history of ever. I couldn't just toss this stuff away, and I figured, hey, why not ask the blog community if they have any interest? I'd much rather someone I semi-know have these things instead of a random eBay jackoff, so. Drop me a line at crimson at lethaldeath dot com and let me know. I won't charge you a dime, and I'll even pay postage.

Here they are:

Gonna go out on a limb and say Spidey wins this one.

If I weren't the laziest asshole on earth, I'd scan and post classic panels from this book, as it's an actual comic book that comes with a record, rather than the record running solo. And I wouldn't dream of revealing who this particular Phoenix really is.

That cover kind of turns me on. I named the file "he's a plastic man" because I'm fucking clever.

Actually, this one's not available. I already have someone in mind for it... I only posted it because I'm a big tease. I also have no idea why I named the file "StarkTrek."

Nothing funny to add here.

"Superman vs. Weatherspoon's Catalyst" is possibly the most boring comics story title of all time. It sounds like Superman's going to spend the next 30 minutes punching a physics theorem. (This is the part where someone comments that Weatherspoon's Catalyst is a physics theorem, and right after that is the part where I kick their teeth in.)

I named this file "Supes" to piss John Byrne off.

Once again, that's crimson at lethaldeath dot com. Lemme know if you want one. I make no guarantees on if the records are scratched to hell or not -- my only record player went the way of the dodo 15 years ago.

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