Thursday, August 19, 2004

Some quick thoughts. 

1) Whenever anyone reads about this Bendis/Wayne thing at WWC, are they picturing a different Wayne from DC Comics? I think that would have made the little scuffle much cooler.

So yeah, Wayne talks like he teaches Being a Dickhead 101, but that doesn't really excuse Bendis, either. The whole thing was rather childish. Kudos on Bendis for apologizing; I doubt we'll be seeing any more apologies coming from this.

(Kudos on that scoop, Augie; if a decent online comics journalism magazine ever gets put up, you're my top nomination for a spot. You do us poor schmoes proud.)

2) Have you read You Can't Get There From Here? It's really pretty fantastic. Cost me $13 and I've already read it twice in the span of a week and a day. Thanks to Dave for the heads-up on it.

3) Speaking of Dave, his assessment of Wizard World Chicago is easily digestible and, while not exhaustive, pretty much covers what you need to know.

(Ditto on that porn star thing, Dave -- I've half a mind to camp out near their booths at Wizard World Texas with a camera, and jump out and take pictures of whoever buys signed photos, just to shame them into running. Good GOD that would be a blast.)

4) So far as I can tell, Shane and I are the only bloggers going to Wizard World Texas. Shane's probably up to the task of giving good coverage (which sounds sexy, to "give good coverage"), but me? Jesus. I'll probably just post pictures of the aforementioned perverts running from me.

That is, if I don't spontaneously combust when I lay eyes on Joe Casey or John Cassaday. Beneath all the rage, I am a quivering little fanboy for the right people.

5) I didn't think it was possible for me to care any less about the Avengers, but Mission Accomplished, Marvel.

6) I was going to play a mean trick. I was going to take random quotes from various Bendis books and see if anyone could identify the people speaking off the tops of their heads; no going back into your issues or trades to get the answer right. Then, I thought up a twist -- I'd just quote Daredevil over and over again, see everyone guess all these other characters, and be triumphant.

But something happened while I was leafing through the earlier Bendis trades of DD.

For one thing, I noticed that, despite the praise the man gets for "talking heads," no one says anything not directly related to the plot unless it's overtly cutesy and Tarantino-esque. Ever. No, I don't expect a lot of non sequitor dialogue, but every fucking dialogue balloon contains a relevant name or plot element. Ah yes, and it doesn't matter if you're a late-50's career spook for the CIA, a badass ex-cold warrior from Russia who's personally taken more lives than an electric chair, a hitman, seasoned FBI agents, or whatever-the-fuck; you all talk like quasi-hipsters in your mid-20's.

Two, I got so fucking mad I had to stop. Nothing has been done with this character since Frank Goddamn Miller. Bendis was, very clearly at points, ripping off shit Miller had done 20 years previous. Jesus Christ, Kevin Smith did more to change Daredevil's life in one maxi-series than Bendis has done in 50+ issues.

I don't come from the perspective of a bandwagoner backlasher, here. No. I was genuinely into things. Back when Murdock had the unmasking going, when he declared himself kingpin of Hell's Kitchen, I was excited. Here was someone doing something major and innovative and new on a big title.

Several issues later, nothing has changed. Sure, there's surface stuff, the paint job's different, but the engine thrumming beneath hasn't been altered in the slightest. It will be remarkably easy for whoever it is that picks up the title after Bendis to revert things back to normal; 4 issues tops.

If I believed he were a more clever man than he is, that whole (fucking RIDICULOUS) scene where Doc Strange, Peter Parker, et al come to talk to Murdock to tell him to cool off and go back to doing things the way he used to could be a satirization of Marvel editorial policy -- but no. It plays straight. And that's pathetic.

7) Deep dish pizza is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.

8) Dorian wears a codpiece in City of Heroes, and you'd better watch the fuck out if you're a Skull and he's around. I'm just sayin'.

9) Could we please stop talking about Identity Crisis now? Look, I get that people are wanting to deflate it because it's Such a Big Deal while doing its ample best to be Watchmen, but jesus. If we put this much effort into something actually constructive in the field of comics, we'd be talking about the Big Three right now instead of the Big Two.

10) Jeff/Otto and Johnny are back. That warms my fucking heart up something fierce. The blogo-hive wasn't the same without them.

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