Tuesday, August 31, 2004

Pre-emptive FAQ. 


You'll notice something a little different if your eyes wander about an inch and a half up.


Because I'm fucking Stan Lee, that's why. (That is, I'm like unto Mr. Lee, not that I'm slipping the old man my sausage. Maybe. What do YOU know?)

No "Ragefuck"? Exactly who did you sell out to, and for how much?

I didn't sell out (well, not yet...) but I just realized I'm basically not as ragefuckian as I used to be. Back when the blog started, every single post was angry as hell. Now it's more like 1 post out of every 3 is angry.

What's with that RAGEFUCK POST RATING thing?

The title's changed, but the content won't. Having a rating before each post to give you some idea of how much obscenity you can expect to find therein was Rose's brainchild. It's a pretty good one. If I ended up doing categories for my posts like all the hip kids, that's how I'd do it.

Well how do those wonderful ratings work?

The scale goes from 1 to 5. 1 is this, which is relatively serene, and 5 resembles something like a nuclear meltdown at the hatred factory ("Joe Quesada is a COCKFACED VAGINAL SCAB who EATS CHILDREN because it's FUN FOR HIM!")

CREDIT WHERE BLAME'S DUE DEPT.: Shane created the banner, Will made the devil guy, whose name be Pinche Cochino. Larry is the one in the Sith Master cloak, in the background, cackling. Say hi and offer scotch.

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