Monday, August 23, 2004

Fish in a barrel. 

I forget where, but someone linked to this little interview between Matt Fraction and someone he calls Pancake. She's got a bachelor's in painting, so you know she is An Authority.

It's mildly amusing, I guess, in a shoving-a-retarded-kid-around way. Vaguely entertaining, but way too easy. What's the big moral here? Two Cool Kids sit around and pick on, of all fucking targets, Witchblade? Witchblade sucks and the Hernandez posse is cool? Oh look, she wears whores' clothes! Oh, isn't this silly? Oh, it's so badly written!

Um, wow. Stop the fucking presses, guys. You keep this up, and you'll be spouting off even more radical material, like Urban Legends 2 just really sucks in comparison to Psycho.

That kind of cheap bullying just doesn't satisfy, for me.

Felt I should say something.

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