Monday, August 23, 2004

Blogger gossip you shouldn't overhear. 

This is a transcript of an actual conversation between two bloggers, from last night. The details have been vague-ified to protect the innocent.

Rick (10:34:34 PM): Hey, I'm a wiseass and [they] seems to like me. That or [Anonymous] does, so [they] just [have] to like me by association.

Me (10:34:56 PM): Well, because I'm paranoid and ego-centric, when [they] said some of the people ... AREN'T that smart, I took that to mean ME.
Me (10:35:05 PM): Because the suspect list was pretty short in that whole convo.

Rick (10:35:16 PM): Hahaha. No, I think [they] was just saying that in general to be honest. I figured I was probably part of that group, too.

Me (10:35:54 PM): Yeah, we've got that paranoid/self-absorbed thing going on.

Rick (10:36:16 PM): Well, you do. I'm just aware that I'm not all that smart.
Rick (10:36:25 PM): ...Or so I like people to think.
Rick (10:36:46 PM): It makes for good fun. Then they're all surprised when you bust out the good shit. I do it all the time. Shit, it's how I made it through high school.

Me (10:37:06 PM): That's the part I'm sorta not doing such a great job in. Busting out the good shit.

Rick (10:37:24 PM): That's because you have to wait for the right time to do it. You can't do it for every major discussion.

Me (10:38:01 PM): Shit, the last time I hit a couple of home runs was when Graeme went out of town for a week. Then, suddenly, I was on fire. Two posts of complete brilliance that folks like Neilalien and Fiore were linking to.

Rick (10:38:14 PM): Well, that's the key, then. You have to kill Graeme.

Me (10:38:30 PM): Consider him dead.

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