Friday, August 06, 2004


(For those not hip to the new lingo, that's the Associated Comics and Pop Culture Webloggers of Ventura County, CA and Outlying Environs vs. the Dallas County Strike Force of bloggers.)

This round, the ACAP...etc wins.

Mikester: Okay, just to clarify...I have no problem with Elfquest existing. I'm all for it. I'm glad people like it. It just doesn't do anything for me. But one issue did include an elf orgy (SFW, scroll halfway down), so I guess it can't be all bad.*

* By the way, never do a Google search on "elfquest orgy."

Dorian: I have discovered the gayest comic of all time. Gayer than an issue of Gay Heartthrobs or Meatmen. And I fully intend to take advantage of the fact that I'm probably one of the few bloggers who can get away with a post like this, by telling you why Sensation Comics #1 is the gayest comic of all time.

Jog: I was out walking last night, on my way to get a cup of coffee, and I had stopped at the corner of the street. There was a crosswalk at the corner. Suddenly, an athletic lass (it was dark, I’d say she was between 16-19 years old) came running out of a nearby yard, barreled into the crosswalk, and performed cartwheels all the way across the street. She landed on her feet quite perfectly at the sidewalk and hustled down an alley by the local library. It was all over in only a few seconds, and I doubt she even saw me standing there. I was suddenly overcome with the feeling that I had just made a cameo appearance in somebody else’s thrilling suspense film of a life.

Tom the Dog: Bruce Jones got the bright idea of using the Hulk in a very limited capacity only. Which meant that for a good number of issues, the Hulk only appeared in brief flashbacks, or by implication (gang of toughs threatens Banner, cut straight to gang of toughs with their asses kicked, with no sight of the Hulk in between), if he even appeared at all. That might be fine once or twice, as a change of pace, but when I buy a Hulk comic, I want to see the goddam Hulk. I don't buy a Superman comic for 22 pages of Clark Kent reading internet jokes from his mom at work, and if I wanted 22 pages of Bruce Banner, then I'd buy a goddam comic called Bruce Banner, not one called The Incredible Goddam Hulk!!

Ian Brill: I once read every issue of Grant Morrison's Invisibles in one day.

It was about a few months ago. Once I finally procured every trade paperback in the series I decided to start around 11:00 a.m. with volume one Say You Want a Revolution. I ended my journey around midnight with the final volume The Invisible Kingdom. A lot of ideas went through my head that day and I want to share with you some of the oddest of them.

Near the end of Kissing Mister Quimper I was convinced I had superpowers.

That right there is one powerful collective of entertainment. Jeff, Greg... we need to strike back before we get overwhelmed.

ADDENDUM: It has come to my attention that Jog The Blog is not actually a part of the ACAPthing. He is, in fact, a master of kung fu. He's also a free agent... NOW UNDER THE EMPLOY OF THE DALLAS COUNTY STRIKE FORCE, whether he likes it or not.

Anyone else want to get drafted?

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