Sunday, July 18, 2004

That Guy Needs Comments (or, The Modern Prometheus) 

I was kind of surprised that anyone took notice of my little snipes at the "review Eightball #23 or die like a cowardly dog" contest thingy that ADD was running, but Collins took note in his exhaustive and kind of awe-inspiring roundup of all the discussion surrounding said contest.

Here's what he had to say about what I had to say:

The main thing I can't understand about Ken's good-natured ribbing of ADD is why it's apparently unseemly to get so worked up about Eightball but perfectly acceptable to go completely apeshit over, say, Scurvy Dogs. Don't get me wrong--I'm sure Scurvy Dogs is a fun book, but I'm also sure that even its creators would tell you there's a big difference in terms of both execution and intent between a fun pirate romp and what Clowes is doing. This is not unlike the TV critics who sit around bitching about how overrated The Sopranos is, then spend a column on how much they enjoyed America's Next Top Model. I happen to love both shows, but I never lose sight of which one justifies that love more thoroughly.

1) I'm glad Collins understands "good-natured," because ADD apparently does not. In this instance, "good-natured" means "calling someone out for doing something a bit douchey, without making it all personal and saying he should die in the gutter with a dick rotted black with syphillis." When I'm being "good-natured," I'll rib you some, but I'm not going to make childish remarks about your intelligence. Trust me, you will fucking well KNOW when I've taken the kid gloves off.

2) I don't think Collins understands what I was saying. I did not, anywhere, make a sideways remark about Eightball #23, from here on referred to as The Holy Grail of All That Is Comics, or simply THGOATIC. I am not saying it's a bad comic, or unworthy of praise, or whatever the fuck -- I can't make that kind of statement because I haven't read the damn thing yet.

So I'm not sure how it's being read that I think Scurvy Dogs is a blast (it is) while THGOATIC can suck my fat one. I never said that, never made a comparison, etc etc.

(Nor do I have much time for the argument that it is silly for me to love something that is shallow but greatly entertaining while dissing a Work of Great Importance. I don't necessarily lend a story more weight because it's Trying To Say Something; I weigh a story first and foremost on whether it does what it sets out to do well. But that's neither here nor there.)

ADD can talk about THGOATIC as reverently as he wishes to. It still makes him look kinda stupid. If you want to say you think it's stupid that I love a hysterical comic book so much, super; talk to me about it. Comment on it. There's even comments for that! God, I love this country!

So yeah, ADD's sorta being a douche about it, and he opened himself up for all kinds of pot shots. I'd feel a little bad about taking so many shots at him, but then he has to throw in that "axe to grind and double-digit IQ" remark, so I can safely conclude that he earned it.

Hope that clears up any misunderstandings. If not, we can all make a pilgrimage to the birthplace of THGOATIC to seek divine enlightenment.

(Why haven't you bastards entered Rick's contest yet?)

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