Sunday, July 04, 2004

Son of... 

Mark's doing it again. That whole "Comics I Shouldn't Own" thing. I'm not sure why; maybe it's sweeps week over there at the Abysmal Pit.

I mean, okay, I know why: because it's fucking funny. This time around it's Sleepwalker, that ol' Sandman done right, if by "right" you mean "fucking retarded" title:

Rick leaves his apartment to talk to his girlfriend Alyssa, who is no doubt a dancer planning to study architecture in college, but some thugs attack her in a convenience store and Rick passes out. RICK SHERIDAN PASSES OUT SO SLEEPWALKER CAN SAVE HIS GIRLFRIEND. This has got to be the worst superpower since ever. A comedy goldmine, perhaps, if played for laughs ("Man, what a sloppy vagina Rick is, passing out when something exciting happens"), but I get the feeling from this issue that the whole thing is played straight. For a few dozen issues.

Read the rest. Uncle Sam would want you to.

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