Sunday, July 11, 2004


Everybody loves Street Angel. I love Street Angel. It's a very funny book, very off-the-wall, very strange, very much a good time.

But it's no Scurvy Dogs.

The forthcoming issue #5 marks the end of the current... is it an arc? I'm not sure such words can be applied to this book... and as can be seen from the SPECIAL NEATO SILVER INK cover, Our Five Piratey Heroes have Sold The Fuck Out. And it's all the fault of that messed-up little necklace doctor, Dr. Theopolis.

I hate that bastard.

What we're treated to in result is more reminiscent of the first issue than the ones that followed, going for a series of pirates-invading-primetime jokes instead of adhering to some kind of dread continuity. Ever wanted to see Rooneys Andy and Mickey duke it out in sumo diapers? How about how to garnish your mashed potatotes with shrunken badger heads? Rod Stewart, chugging gasoline like it's the very nectar of life?

If your answer to any of those questions is "jesus christ, no" then you probably wouldn't like this title anyway. Fuck away off.

The showstopper is the full-page advertisement for the piratey game console, the Salty Dog 2000. For ONLY (seven easy payments of) $299.99, you too can have access to games like Type or Die!, Return to Castle Naziface, or Man from O.K.L.A.H.O.M.A. This page made me laugh so hard I think I peed a little. HEY! LISTEN UP! PAYMASTERS OF ANDREW AND RYAN! Turn this page into a POSTER!

(True story: Scurvy Dogs #5 prominently features a certain rap superstar who wears a bigass clock on a chain. Just yesterday a friend of my brother's ends up on a plane heading into Dallas next to said rap superstar, and scores some tickets to the Public Enemy show last night.)

What makes me a sad panda is that this is the last issue of SD for some time. Le sigh. Guess that gives you plenty of time to get the first five issues, huh?

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