Thursday, July 29, 2004

A little help for my friend... 

...who gets like ten times the traffic I do. Whatever.

Kevin Melrose is at it again with the Digital Webbing Presents people. He's got a "Bad Elements" story coming up in the next issue, #17, so why haven't you told your store to get you a copy yet? I have.

Here's what's in store from Melrose and Co. in issue #19:

...[T]he issue also boasts a little experiment co-written by Ian Ascher and me, and beautifully illustrated by Scott LeMien (Moonstone Monsters).

The three-page story, called "A Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight," throws together characters from Ian's "Sleight of Hand" stories and my "Bad Elements" series in a case of two hitmen after the same target. It's short, but as I said, it's an experiment -- one spurred by an online conversation with the publisher, who challenged the three of us to tell a complete story in just three pages using members of both casts ... and an explosion. I think we met the challenge pretty well.

I love people taking challenges like that for the sheer bloody hell of it.

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