Saturday, July 31, 2004

How comes it? 

I don't have time to think properly or in depth, so I'm just going to ask you guys to do the thinking for me.

I'm perusing this site, an index of independent American comics publishers both past and present. It's fascinating stuff, and it's wonderful to see what kind of zany shit was being churned out in the past few decades; where else are you going to see an occupation listing that reads "Mercenary, former botanist"?

(That entry is redeemed with this opening history paragraph:
Axel was a mild-mannered botanist who had been three-quarters devoured by Vegan Green Fungus. Vegan Green Fungus is a sentient, telepathic and extremely well-mannered carnivorous plant, and the experience of being slowly devoured by a plant that kept telling him how grateful it was, how delicious he was and how much it was enjoying the experience snapped his mind.

Because whose wouldn't, am I right?)

It would surprise no one to learn that Steve Dillon was involved.

Anyway. I'm reading the entry on Marvelman. And there's this:
A recluse astro-scientist discovers the key word to the universe, one that can only be given to a boy who is completely honest, studious and of such integrity that he would only use it for the powers of good." The scientist picks young Micky Moran, newspaper copy boy as the recipient of these powers...

There's more, but it's the "newspaper copy boy" part that gets me. I flash back to all the superheroes somehow related to journalism; Clark Kent and Peter Parker are only the most obvious of many with some connection to the news, usually print news. Stretch beyond superhero stories and you find even more comics protagonists working in the field of print journalism. I'm looking at you, Green Hornet. And you, Spider Jerusalem.


Besides the fact that journalists sort of have a backstage pass to everything, or at least that's the mystique. Is it the vigilance thing? An estate seperate from established powers that plays watchdog? Surely it's not that simple.

Fiore, you have officially been called into action.

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