Monday, July 05, 2004


...was fun. I like any day where I can walk out the door with a stack of 10 comics, and my wallet never left my pocket.

A fair amount of people showed up to my beloved Zeus, most heart-warmingly parents walking around with their Yu-Gi-Oh-enslaved children, actually looking at other comics. It's like the cigarette industry without all the cancer: hook 'em while they're young.

Met Greg from Viper, and because he is a rocking rocker who rocks rockingly, he hooked me up with a special edition Dead@17: Blood of Saints #3 that not only has a neat cover, but it also touched up my hair cut and makes a lovely omelette. It's just that special.

Scott "Omnipresent" Kurtz was also there. You can't throw a stick in the D/FW area without hitting a Scott Kurtz appearance. Nice guy, but I think he's stalking me.

Fanboy Radio was there. Yeah, I don't really care.

Ghostwerks Comics were also there, but I know jack shit about their work, so I would've felt like a jackass talking to them. Honestly none of those titles appeal to me, which is probably a bad thing to say coming from the guy who's all about advocating local comics, but... there you have it.

Honorable mention to the NYC Mech guys and the Beckett guys, the latter of whom put out the intriguing Ballad of Sleeping Beauty, and the former, well, I totally forgot they were there till just now.

Anyway, I have actual opinions on FCBD, but I'm going to talk with El Zeus Owner first, and get back to you with something like formulated commentary at a later time.

Obscenity Quota: Fuckstick. Shit chomper. Cockmonkey.

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