Saturday, July 17, 2004


So apparently contests are the new black, this season. You may recall that GREAT LOSERS GIVEAWAY I hosted awhile back, and the DEMO Giveaway that me and a buncha bloggers put together, and now there's some contest about writing a verbal blow job for some Dan Cloves guy or whatever.

But fuck all that noise.

THE CONTEST TO END ALL CONTESTS IS HERE. Rick at Eat More People has surpassed us all.

The gist:

The challenge is for you to write a review of the comic book pictured above – “Hamster Vice” #1, from Blackthorne Publishing. “Hamster Vice” is a well-renowned indie milestone that broke barriers for hamsters in comics. Without this series, hamsters would still be slighted in this medium today. Though if you go through and do a check of the amount of hamsters appearing on the racks these days, the percentage is still at a low level. But things are building, things are growing. If the word of this oppression can be spread, hamsters may one day be treated fairly and equally.

First, the rules:

The review can be any length, in any form, in any language. I prefer English so that I can actually read it. But if you’d like to write a standard review, write one in iambic pentameter, draw one in sequentials, or film yourself doing an interpretive dance of the review...be my guest. Do whatever you want. It certainly doesn’t have to be overly intelligent and overly clever – everyone’s doing that these days. I want something creative and original. Anyone can throw a couple paragraphs of big words together and call it a review.

Everyone is eligible to win, though I’ll probably end up having a bias towards the entrants who have kissed my ass the most lately. Such is the way of the world.

Email all entries to rick.geerling@gmail.com. The deadline for all entries is MIDNIGHT, Central Standard Time, on July 23rd.


You want to enter. You will be cool if you enter. Your peers on the internet will think you are cool if you enter.


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