Monday, June 07, 2004


I was going to refrain from making any comments about Reagan's death, because yes, it sucks when someone much beloved dies. Even if he's not much beloved by me. Yeah, I think he did horrible things for this country and sculpted its psyche in such a way that we could feasibly fuck up our earned sympathy after 9/11 in precisely the way we did without feeling a pinge of guilt about it. "Trickle-down economics" is code for "Grab your ankles and lube up, bucky, because this is going to hurt."

But calling him "the devil"? Okay, let's try to get a grip, here. That's the same kind of unattractive, polarizing rhetoric that makes the rabid right look so bad. After you say something like that, the only difference between you and Ann Coulter is that she has much nicer legs.

It also implies a willing, knowing evil. Reagan didn't fit that description. Sure, he was willfully ignorant on a lot of topics... but that's not the same as being actively complicit. Being a stupid man is not the same as being a bad man.

Milo George said all that had to be said in one sentence, thankfully:

"It's quite refreshing to see a flag-draped coffin on the mainstream media, isn't it?"


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