Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Oh, get the fuck over yourself. 

So Warren Ellis finds a Suicide Bomber Barbie and posts it over at diepunyhumans.com:

Which is pretty funny. But then I made the accident of clicking on the link, and seeing what the self-righteous little ego-fellaters of the London institute of contemporary arts (they're contemporary and they're artists, so they don't need to capitalize proper nouns, because that shit's so bourgeoisie) has to say about it.

Tyszko’s work might be described as being in the tradition of the long lost art of agitprop. ‘Capitalism defeats dissent and revolution’ Tyszko says, ‘not through direct confrontation, but through commodification.It sells back at a profit the signs, styles and symbols of revolution.’

By his appropriation of a consumerist icon, the artist creates an emphatic subversion of this process, the artist seeking to help create the conditions of political change.

Yeah. Or! It's a cheap gag touching on a current hot-button issue, mixed in with the most obvious "consumer icon" in the Western Hemisphere, short of strapping a bomb to the McDonald's logo.

Modern artists, here's why no one outside of your self-important niches care about you: You think moronic, childishly "symbolic" shit like this is a way to "help create the conditions of political change"? Who the fuck do you think you're kidding?

(For bonus points, there's a Noam Chomsky quote at the bottom... because, apparently, no adolescent decrying of The Man is complete without a goddamn Chomskyism.)

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