Sunday, June 13, 2004

Leaving, on a jet plane... 

So I've got sort of a mini-internship thing going on, heading out today, back a week from Monday. Flying off to beeeee-YOO-tiful Birmingham, Alabama to spend some time on the newspaper stuff there, doing all kinds of fun "I'm a big kid now" stuff.

So in other words I'll be gone for a week.

And how will you entertain yourselves? Well, I've got an idea.

You could visit...


Eat More People - Rick is a unique, one-of-a-kind soul, and there's plenty of people who are very thankful for that. His blog's sort of an all-purpose writing one, dealing with fiction at large instead of just comics, and it's a good, fun, funny read. Go there or die. Choose wisely.

The Unofficial John Westmoreland Memorial Tribute Webring - Milo, in all of his EISNER NOMINATED glory, seems to be reporting from the very fringes of sanity on a daily basis. The money posts seem to be Gojira, though I like the "regular" stuff (insofar as such a word can be applied) just as well.

Progressive Ruin - Mike has a nose for the weirdest, funniest covers and stories in the days of comic yesteryear, and unlike the rest of these bastards, happens to be a class act. Whenever I comment on a post of his, I sorta feel like the asshole half-brother with no teeth that shows up and makes everyone smile and nod and squirm. It's great!

ChaosMonkey's Abysmal Pit - Mark comments regularly 'round these parts, so you're familiar with him. He had that stellar Comics I Shouldn't Own series going for awhile, and for that alone he'll die first when the revolution comes.


Thought Balloons - Duh. Kevin patrols the border between comics and mainstream media like no one else can even come close to, and he's just such a nice young man, too. Chances are you already know about this place, but by plugging Kevin I hope he can mention my name to the Dark Lord the next time he sacrifices a few virgins to maintain his blogging vigilance.

Near Mint Heroes - If Kevin covers the media, Shane covers.. absolutely everything else that could be of interest, ever. His internet prowess is sort of humbling, and I'm convinced he's actually just a netspider turned sentient that likes Booster Gold comics. Well, we all have our pet theories.

Polite Dissent - Scott's a frickin' military MD or something, so it's perverse that I should even be allowed to mention him, as if I were some kind of equal. His main focus is exploring the correct (and frequently incorrect) usage of the medical arts in comics. It doesn't read like a dry textbook, either; check out how upset he got about a particular issue of X-Treme X-Men for a great, great time. I love it when people get really pissed about something they know a lot about. It's edutainment!

Cognitive Dissonance - Johanna quite frankly has her shit together. She talks about comics that never get discussed anywhere else in the blogo-mart, and frequently cites articles and studies in other fields of entertainment for analysis and comparison to the world of comics. Never a meaningless post, unlike, say, every single one of mine.


Suburban Tribe - Just discovered this one. Two guys and two girls that know each other via work, and their (mostly) plausible lives. There's a fair amount of absolute laugh-out-loud moments, and the rather distinctive cartooning style is quite effective. This guy could get syndicated if he wanted. As always, you do yourself a disservice if you don't start at the beginning and work your way forward.

Well, that's enough pimping for now, isn't it?

Back in 8 days.

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