Monday, June 28, 2004


Kind of funny, THE ROOMMATE and I were discussing yesterday whether or not a Bullseye series or mini would be viable if he were totally and utterly removed from the Daredevil-verse.

Elektra fared poorly in that same situation, but it was my idea that if you put Bullseye in a capes-less situation pitted between two crime families, or perhaps running his own in opposition to Kingpin, you could get something worthwhile out of it. The trick with making characters like Bullseye the "protagonist" (if not the "hero") is to make his opposition that much more vile. Or you revel in his utter bastardness.

And lordy lordy, Steve Dillon's doing the art! I've been wondering where this guy went off to.

(Quick: Who the hell is Daniel Way?)

I just pretty much geeked out in public, huh? But then, why else have a blog...

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