Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Funny drink names. 

I remembered, once upon a time, that I used to live with a guy who was going through one of those three-week bartending schools. He'd try out new concoctions all the time, and he had a knack for great drink names. My two favorites were the


or the


...both of which are great drink names.

Random Schmo: "Hey, barkeep, I'd like a Raging Lesbian Orgy."

Barkeep: "Wouldn't we all."

Rick had a pretty good one too.

Random Schmo: "Hey, barkeep, I'd like a Blowjob from Steve Guttenberg."

Barkeep: "Wouldn't we... wait, what? Fuck off!"

So come on. Hit me up with some good drink names.

(I suppose I should do some actual comics blogging soon, huh? It's cool. I got another one of those whopper posts germinating inside the carcass of an ex-girlfriend even as we speak.)

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