Wednesday, June 02, 2004

"Duck Hunt with a Nazi twist"? 

So I'm engaging in a little illegal software pirating with my buddy Wil, exchanging a WAD file from Final Doom because his is corrupt. The download's going slow, so he checks around online on pir8 sites (or whatever the kids call them these days on their "inter-net") for the file, and he finds...

The Aryan Network games.

There's a part of me that has to laugh because, I mean, come on. If I felt better about humanity as a race, I'd say all of this was a joke.

But of course it's not. Which makes me want to take something blunt and apply it, harshly, to a large segment of my fellow white brethern. Motherfuckers can't even spell, and the page is littered with broken image links, so... I'm pretty sure we have nothing to fear.

"Words in Germen Only" indeed.

Hey, jackass: Do you think the "master race" has any room for complete and total fucktards?

(BEST PART: Check out that link on the bottom, to vote for this site on the Top 100 in Nationalism! Quasi-Nazis have webrings? That's fucking adorable.)

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