Thursday, May 27, 2004

You like-a the Viper? 

So, Dead@17. You've been hearing about it everywhere. It's an indie publisher success story unlike any other right now. You like the series, and you want more.

Turns out you can get more. I'm actually intrigued as shit by that; there's enough hints in the two "canon" series at a whole wide world of weirdness lurking behind the scenes, and I want to know more. And I want to see writers take a spin in someone else's brainchild, because if it goes far enough, hey, what's this? A new shared universe, centered around the occult? Well, that's just fine and dandy by me.

The ad copy says four writers and four artists providing original takes in the D@17 universe, which makes no sense, since there appear to be five stories, each with a different set of writers and artists (Josh Howard, series auteur, has duties on one of them.)

It's in the June Previews and it hits in August. Get it.

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