Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Were I capable, I would weep with joy. 

Newsarama talks to Antony Johnston about his upcoming Western comic, The Long Haul, and what he feels the appeal of the Western is:

Well, it's twofold. I personally find the real history of the Old West fascinating, because it's unique. Nowhere else in history do you find this mixture of modern, educated, post-industrial revolution people and the old-fashioned pioneering, exploratory development of an "undiscovered" country. It's a strange, almost anachronistic combination that led to some amazing historical events and characters.

And I think that mixture is responsible for the element that attracts people to the fictional Old West, which is the romance of it all. Westerns, as a rule, tend to reinforce the ideal that everyone is - and should be - responsible for their own destiny and free from oppression. That's not exactly an original notion in fiction, but Westerns are close enough in terms of history that it's easier for people to relate to the ideals and methodology in that context than in, say, the French revolution. I mean, we're only talking 140 years ago, here.

Both of those things are a big attraction for me as a writer. On the one hand you have the wild, romantic adventure of the lone gunman, and balancing that is the railroad system, telegraph lines, firearms and so on of a civilized culture. It's a great juxtaposition.

And that sure is some purdy art, too.

(Hey, Shane -- weren't you telling me about Azzarello's western? Could you refresh me on that, please?)

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