Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A quick this-and-that. 

I have determined that Invincible is the best superhero comic on the market right now.

I just got done reading issue #11, which came out today, and there really is absolutely no reason for you not to go out and get the first two TPBs and the last 3 issues up till now, because jesus christ, I haven't read a coming-of-age superhero comic that's so organic and... and unconventional in a long time.

Issue #11 sealed it for me. As I was reading it, as I was hit by startling revelation after startling revelation, the dormant fanboy in me started to stir, saying things at the back of my mind like "No! This can't be! Do this and everything's going to change forever!"

And that's officially a Very Good Thing. Why? Because that dormant fanboy is a slave to sameness obfuscated by words like "continuity," and that it was getting a good hard kick in the scrote. It means it's still possible to do the unexpected, to make a surprising and compelling story, while operating within the confines of a decades-old genre that naysayers everywhere like to proclaim is all played out.

Go read it.


(Credit Where Credit's Due department: THE ROOMMATE got me started on this series.

Also, be sure to enter the DEMO GIVEAWAY, wherein you'll win (roughly) a fuckton of trade paperbacks and original art just for telling us about what kind of superpower you'd like to have, and why.)

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