Friday, May 07, 2004

The more I hear about Seaguy... 

...the more intrigued I become. Grant Morrison really is some kind of genius, isn't he?

(I realize that's not news.)


Q: Starting at the ground level – how do you describe this book? A simple ‘superhero with nothing to do’ tale, or the examination of man’s inhumanity to man told through iconography we’re all familiar with…or something like that?

Morrison: A bit of both, as usual. the story started out as a kind of palate-cleansing exercise - after the heavy, 'realistic' approach of the Marvel stuff, I wanted to do something surreal and whimsical, in the vein of my DOOM PATROL stories again - an ocean-going picaresque adventure, you might say.

Then I had the idea to develop SEAGUY into a weapon I could use to fight back against the trendy and unconvincing 'bad-ass' cyncism of current comics, most of which are produced by the most un-'bad-ass' men you can possibly imagine. In the current climate, it seemed like an act of rebellion to deliberately create 'the new sentimentality' and produce work that was almost embarrassingly dripping with tender and awkward feelings. There's a strange kind of Edwardian vibe hitting the world right now - a kind of slowing down, a promenading feel as people rebel against manufactured 'cool'. SEAGUY can be seen as art at the vanguard of this new attitude.

Makes me wonder. The last time we saw manufactured cool, it was during a time period I like to call "the early-mid 90's." Have we really approached that point again, and so fast? The thought depresses.

And Seaguy just sounds fantastic.

In other news: aren't puppies cute? And so fuzzy!

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